Padlet for guitar class

Confinement - pedagogical continuity 2020-2021

June 21st, 2013

Classical guitar, Electrical guitar, Bass guitar, Chamber music, Preparation to Bachelor degree, instrument option

Most of my students reached a high-level (Cycle III. Ex : Yann.C, 1st price of guitar at superior regional exams, Gaetan.D 1st price in DFE...) and some of them became professionals (ex: Julien.G, most of them are still passionate about music or arts (Ex : Lucas.M, Sébastien.G, Alexine B.H, Laetitia.T, Erwan.H de Smsscrew...).

Conductor and arranger:
Workshop of rock and pop music, Ensemble of classical guitars, conservatory (1999-2001), Ensemble Sonne Essonne (2004-11)

Supervisor Tremplin Rock 2013 --------------------------------------------- Oud-Guitar Pedagogical project 2013 (1 CD)

He provides Music and New Technology lectures (on Soundforge, Peak, Sibélius, Final, Photoshop...) and performs for you, any kinds of works, booklets, Sacem scores (songs, orchestra..) from your CDs... including also recordings and mixes.

He organizes music training courses (Valmorel 2008/2009, CRD of Evry...).

He plays regularly in schools and hospitals. He publishes two Methods of improvisation for the guitar.

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