French interpreter and composer born on May, 29th 1966. Eric Gautier started studying classical guitar, electric and bass guitar on his own at 16 years old.

Four years later, he entered the Evry conservatory of music where he was awarded the 1st price of soloist and chamber music in 1991, then he entered the conservatory of Paris XII with G. Verba (price in 1993) and the conservatory of music in Montreuil with W. Hoogewerf (1st price in 1997).

He went on masterclasses with B. Davezac, R. Dyens, E. Isaac, R. Aussel, A. Dumont, P. Lemaigre, M.T Ghirardi, F. Kleynjans and A. Miteran.

In 1993, he obtained the National Diploma of professor of guitar.

In 2019, he successfully passed the examination for being a PEA guitar Professor with a score of 15/20.

Along with his instrumental studies, he attended classes:
  • of compositions with M. Gonet at UMIP, Paris and with M. Laborie and E. Ducreux at conservatory of Evry (1986-93)
  • of pedagogy with L. Lautrec (obtention of CAPA degree in 1990)
  • of musician health with Médecine des Arts (2007 and 2009)
  • and he deepened his knowledge on new computing technologies (edition, sound mixing, graphics)

  • Since 1988, he performed several concerts:
    As the artistic Director at Omnis Musica Editions, he published and recorded for artists and editors several publications, including the first dictionary for guitarists ("Dictionnaire du guitariste" - 2018), "Guitare Classique l’Essentiel pour 1er cycle" (2017) with videos, the beautiful book "Histoire illustrée de la guitare des origines à nos jours" (2015), "Improvisation guitare l'essentiel" (2016), "Guitare Box I" (2016) and two Methods for P. Beuscher (easy Bass and Drums 2014).

    He plays the baroc guitar, the mandolin, and learns to sing, to play the percussions, and the drums.

    He has been teaching the guitars and music for 30 years (mainly at the school of music and dance Michel Legrand, Essonne).

    Since May 2020, he is an advisor to the studies-coordinator at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Intercommunal de Palaiseau (Communauté Paris-Saclay).

    He is Author, Composer, Arranger, and SACEM member. He composed more than 80 pieces of music (original music of video documentary, CD2 n°6, songs, instrumental music... ) . He is collaborating with the school "Télécom SudParis" for developping musical applications for smartphones and creating the music for the MOOC "Computer network security".


  • Exhibition on the guitar history
  • CD on romantic guitar
  • New publications for the guitar
  • New game for the guitar


    Practice of the martial arts
    Self-making of customized music-stand for table

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